Killer Rose West ‘to be quizzed on 13 missing women’ as cafe search continues

Serial killer Rose West is to be questioned by police about 13 more missing women, reports say.

The move comes as officers continue to search a café visited by her husband Fred West for Mary Bastholm, 15.

Many of the women who disappeared are said to have visited the monstrous pair’s home in Gloucester over the years.

Fred, 53, killed himself in prison in 1995 while awaiting trial for 12 murders.

Rose, now 67, was convicted of 10 murders in the same year and sentenced to life.

Four of the missing women cases are also reportedly linked to Glasgow, where Fred worked as an ice cream salesman in the 1960s.

The force continues to search the cellar of a café in the centre of Gloucester over the disappearance of Ms Bastholm in 1968.

The teenager worked at the spot – named ‘Pop In’ at the time – which was popular with Fred.

Her disappearance coincided with a period when he was raping, abducting and murdering.

Fred is said to have confessed to killing Mary in conversation with his eldest son, Stephen, 48, but never admitted it to police.

His first known victim Anna McFall, 18, had also worked at the café.

He and Rose tortured and killed an unknown number of girls and women over a 20-year period.

Their victims include Fred’s daughter Charmaine, eight, in 1972, and the couple’s daughter Heather, 16, in 1987.

Fred is said to have confessed to more murders – taking his morbid total to 30 – while on remand.

Rose’s former solicitor said of the news she will be quizzed: “She has put up a wall.

“I’d hope she is questioned but don’t think it’ll get anywhere unless there’s been some major shift in her mindset.”

The new cases linked to the West’s ‘house of horrors are said to include Donna Lynn Moore, aged 13 or 14, who went missing in 1973.

It is reported that Rose will also be spoken to over Maria Ann, a blonde in her 20s who vanished in 1991.

The West’s house on Cromwell Street was knocked down in 1996 and replaced with a garden and a footpath.